[toggle name=”The event was a success…” open=”true”]“It is because of your event team, products and assistance the event was a success among the client and their guests. We appreciate our relationship and look forward to many more amazing events together.”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Always arrives in first class condition…” open=”true”]“Your furniture added just the right sense of style to the evening. IT would have been impossible to have pulled off the feeling I was after without your help. I believe you have incredibly amazing products. I appreciate that it always arrives in first class condition and that you have always been able to accommodate any request we have put before you. I especially appreciate the efforts your staff put forward in making sure everything was positioned perfectly – they are first class!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”It was a breath of fresh air…” open=”true”]“I had to write you this morning to thank you and your AMAZING crew who delivered the furniture on Saturday. They were on time, professionally dressed in their polo’s, and arrived back to the venue on time for strike…. The guys’ attitude was excellent throughout and I cannot thank them enough for their patience and help! It was a breath of fresh air to have people go above and beyond what they have to, and I am thrilled that your team feels and proved you share this same value!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Best customer service experiences…” open=”true”]“Can’t thank you enough for all of your work – this has been truly one of the best customer service experiences of my entire life.”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Going the extra mile…” open=”true”]“Thank you for going the extra mile… we could not have been happier!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Furniture was fabulous…” open=”true”]“The furniture was fabulous! I can’t wait to work with you again soon!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Looking forward to the next time…” open=”true”]“You were so helpful with all of the last minute additions and your delivery guys were fabulous! I’m looking forward to the next time!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”It truly set the tone…” open=”true”]“The room was perfect because of CHIC! It truly set the tone…Here’s to future events!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”You exceeded my expectations…” open=”true”]“The room looked outstanding and you exceeded my expectations. My clients and their guests were very impressed!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Best Orlando party we’ve ever had…” open=”true”]“The party was AMAZING! We are beyond deliriously happy. Definitely the best Orlando party we’ve ever had!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”The room was absolutely breathtaking…” open=”true”]“Words cannot describe how happy I am with the success of Saturday’s wedding! It was an amazing day! I am sure you’ll agree that the room was absolutely breathtaking and the event ran flawlessly. Our bride and groom were extremely happy…It was truly a pleasure and honor to work with such an extraordinary team.”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Our event was a great success…” open=”true”]“Our event was a great success thanks to the comfort of your chairs. Thank you for everything.”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Absolute pleasure to work with CHIC!…” open=”true”]“The furniture was in excellent condition and the installation crew was very hard-working and efficient. Overall it was an absolute pleasure to work with CHIC!”[/toggle] [toggle name=”Absolutely MADE our event…” open=”true”]“I don’t think you realize what an enormous life saver you have been to us this year. The furniture we rent completely makes or breaks our event. And last year it absolutely MADE our event!”[/toggle][toggle name=”Such a great job…” open=”true”]“She {the bride} was so happy that so many people used the lounge area and loved it because the weather was absolutely gorgeous, you guys did such a great job!”[/toggle][toggle name=”I am so blessed…” open=”true”]“Thank you so very much for the awesome furniture set at Reunion. I am so blessed!!!”[/toggle]

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